Dear Valued Customer,

At Lash Out Loud we take pride in the quality of our work. Every client we see will have different retention times based on health and environmental changes.

Due to humidity, after care follow-through and even medications we can not guarantee the longevity of your new lash set. Some clients can go weeks without shedding, and others can lose lashes much quicker if their immune system is compromised.

I like to pre warn all new clients that during our life time our hormones can change and play a big part in this such as :

thyroid issues
 auto immune disease
vitamin deficiencies

We do not offer full refunds for unsatisfactory work as it does not give us a chance to try and find the perfect lash service to fit the clients needs. All of our technicians are fully trained and experienced in choosing the right service for our clients, but we can’t guarantee it on the first try. Losing lashes quickly may mean you need to downsize your lashes and take it easier on them.

We will always offer to discount or promo their next service to make their experience with us a great one!

Thank you.